Thrive by Daniel Popper for Society Las Olas

Bombshell Explosion: What lights our fuse?

Calls from artists like Daniel Popper, a multidisciplinary artist from Cape Town, asking Bombshell to install his sculpture that weighs 14 tons and stands at nearly 30 feet.

A Giant 3-D Puzzle

The structure was created from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) and transported in sections via shipping containers. The individual pieces of the sculpture fit together like a supersized 3-dimensional puzzle. Assembling this giant puzzle, required use of heavy equipment including two telehandler forklifts, a boom extension, slings, ratchet straps, and more than a little elbow grease.

Go Big or Go Home

The size and weight of each piece required significant rigging capabilities and the use of grade 5 rated bolts for assembly. Securing the sculpture required onsite welding of brackets to allow us to permanently affix the statue to the concrete slab using HAS B-7 anchors and HIT-RE 500 V3 epoxy adhesive.

Adding to the challenge of installation were “threading the needle” moments, with just 18” of clearance for maneuvering the top sections of the sculpture underneath the ceiling and between the columns. During the installation period, a tropical storm with heavy rain and winds swept through Fort Lauderdale which extended the installation timeframe.

The Siren of Society Las Olas

Popper’s towering sculpture beckons passersby to explore the rustic contours and deep crevasses of this serene work of art. The woman’s open chest entices visitors to discover the lush foliage passageway she reveals, providing an intimate interaction with the art. Thrive is a permanent installation situated near the New River in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. The sculpture is a landmark for Society Las Olas, developed by Property Markets Group, which creates unconventional living environments where art and culture is central. You can visit Thrive at 301 SW 1st Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.

Watch the video of Bombshell’s Art Handling and Installation of Thrive by Daniel Popper for Society Las Olas.

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