Harry Winston Pop-Up Salon

Bombshell Explosion: Harry Winston Pop-Up Salon at New World Symphony

Bombshell is never afraid of an empty space – which is all we had to recreate an iconic Harry Winston boutique experience. From four blank walls and a floor, let’s just say “a star was born,” which would garner us a Silver ADDY® Award for 3D Branded Environment Sales Promotion.

Shine bright like a…

Harry Winston was the title sponsor for the New World Symphony’s annual fundraiser and wanted a representation that was meticulously accurate. Bombshell began with conceptual designs and 3-D renderings that mimicked the Harry Winston aesthetic, down to the silver carpeting and minimalistic décor. Large-scale marketing photography, temporary graphics for glass and solid walls, lighting, drapes, and signage were all recreated to act as a backdrop to the shining star of the occasion.

A girl’s best friend and its entourage

Before making its appearance, Harry Winston’s diamond-laden jewelry required a security detail as large as the Bombshell production crew. Special accommodations were made in the pop-up design for advanced security systems and on-site monitoring by local law enforcement and private security personnel.

Step inside the magic

When the doors opened, the similarity between the renderings and the final result was breathtaking. Bombshell created a finished product that was almost identical to a brick-and-mortar boutique.

Harry Winston’s Pop-Up salon welcomed 600 patrons to enjoy luxurious accommodations, which included live models adorned with the jewelry, and top-notch service.

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