Chloe Bal Harbour Grand Opening

Bombshell Explosion: Chloé Bal Harbour Grand Opening

Create a luxury treasure hunt – set in an internationally-known shopping haven – accessorized with glimmering keys and high-end invitations. All in a day’s work for Bombshell, which was commissioned by the French couture brand, Chloé, to reconstruct a Parisian environment for the Grand Opening of the brand’s Bal Harbour location.

The Golden Key…

Guests to Chloé’s exclusive Grand Opening received a double-sided, white and nude invitation, printed with gold thermography that included a beribboned golden key. The key was, well, key to the whole event. The graphically riche invitation set the tone for the soiree.

When Chloé opened its doors, guests were greeted by classic maps that guided them to 10 treasure chests, strategically positioned throughout the store, as well as on the lushly landscaped patio.

…that Unlocks Treasures

Each chest was branded with a single letter, which spelled out “Chloé Miami”. The line of chests led guests from the entrance to the patio, but not before they stopped to unlock the treasures inside.

If guests remembered to pocket their keys, they were rewarded by being able to open the treasure chests and gain access to customized gifts, ranging from Chloé sunglasses and parfum to ice cream and peanut butter cups.

…which are Expertly Conceived

This treasure chest concept was employed for a Paris opening, and Chloé wanted to recreate it in Miami, but the production wasn’t without its challenges. First, Bombshell had a much smaller space than what was afforded in Paris. Second, the treasure chests had to be constructed so that they were easily – and magically – restocked with gifts. Fun fact: The “ice cream” chest required a secret compartment to hold dry ice.

Whether it be found in France or Florida, treasure is always a good idea.

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