We live for this

Your activations need to be extraordinary and we live for producing them. We fabricate, design, and execute the amazing… it’s what defines Bombshell.

Every detail matters

We know all the details of your project matter. Each production and design results in your proud moments, but the fabrication, creative, and technical steps leading up to them become our collective defining moments.
If you want to know about us, watch us as we work. You’ll see the story of who we are, what we care about, and how we get things done – together.

No normal jobs, no normal people

We each have a job, but we pitch in wherever we are needed. We each have a talent, although some of us have four. Most importantly, we each love what we do; otherwise, we’d find normal jobs with more reasonable hours. But we’re Bombshell, and we wake up to create the wow. You can keep normal.
Meredith Lasher
Rick Boggs
Director of Design
Linda Faye Smith
Director of Operations
Ali Hall Bombshell Productions Team AwardsHover Image
Ali Hall
Project Manager
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Carlota Munoz
Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Cortina
Main ImageHover Image
Elguis “Primo” Gonzalez
Production Crew
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Eric Way
Graphic Designer
Fabian Henao
Production Crew Lead
Flip Camacho
Production Manager
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Jacki Fabelo
Project Manager
Main ImageHover Image
John Cathey
Industrial Designer
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John Martin
Purchasing Manager
Julian Silvestre
Production Crew Lead
Krystal Lenz
Art Director
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Lavarris Dailey
Production Crew Lead
Leslie Samuels
Scenic Carpenter
Main ImageHover Image
Madison Absher
Graphics & Visuals Designer
Mara Olmo
Creative Designer
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Maria Compton
Sewing Fabrication Manager
Miguel Morales
Fabrication Manager
Monique Dalley
Senior Project Manager
Main ImageHover Image
Pedro Cotayo
Finisher Painter
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Rachel Lumley
Production Manager
Robert Gerdts
Main ImageHover Image
Shauna Burns
Senior Project Manager
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Vicky Fernandez
Production Crew Lead
Chief Creative Hound

Our Fuse is Always Lit.

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Bombshell was co-founded in 2011 by Meredith Lasher and Rick Boggs, who combined their extensive theatrical, creative, and technical expertise to create a full-service production, design, and fabrication agency. What sets Bombshell apart is our team mentality, client collaboration, and comprehensive project management.
To quote our clients, Bombshell is a “top of line in quality,” “well-oiled machine” that “never produced anything less than ideal,” so there is “no need to worry about them coming through” because we have “trust in their capabilities.” Their words – not ours.

Let Bombshell help you create an unforgettable experience.

Contact a member of the Bomb Squad today and let’s light the fuse!